Florida Premier FC

Florida Premier FC is a non-profit youth soccer club in Pasco County, FL that has teams ranging from the recreational level starting at 6 years old, up to competitive teams up to 18 years old.

Here are two videos that Florida Premier Commissioned Upper 90 Productions to make to help market the club.

For this video the club sent me about 20 separate gameplay clips.  I created all the transitions using Adobe After Effects and compiled them together.  I also create the outro video in Adobe After Effects.  The end result was a very effective marketing video that was featured on the front page of their website and shared across their social media channels.

For this video I was sent 5 or 6 separate clips from the club.  I created and added the intro.  I also custom created all of the lower thirds in Adobe After Effects and then compiled all the video together using Adobe Premier.  

Elite 1 Team and Player After

An Example of how we can take ordinary photos and make them extraordinary!

Early in the 2019-2020 season one of the coaches of the 2007 Elite 1 team asked me to come to one of their training sessions at their indoor facility.  I setup my tripod and We took 10 or so pictures of the team and then I took 3 or 4 shots of each boy individually.  The whole shoot for the team took less than 15 mins.  A few hours of editing in Photoshop and you can see the final result!

In addition to the 2007 team, I have also done photoshoots for the 2010 Girls Blackrl Academy, and 2009 Girls Elite 1 and Elite 2 Teams.

Besides individual Portraits, I have also taken and edited alot of team tournament photos.  Most of the below are kind of simple.  But just by adding some text details and a few logos we can turn that ordinary team photo into a keepsake worthy of framing for your childs room or even the clubhouse!